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IS IPGSA Comp Division the right choice for your team?

100% of your game and practice schedules are up to the Coach.

If you don't want to play in May because of school activities... don't schedule.

If you want all of your games in March and April to prepare for the Tourney season... so be it.

IPGSA brings Coaches together to schedule all of the games you can handle or as few games as you want.

What if games rain/snows out? You can make it up or not (we don't like to stress out the coaches & families)... it will not count against you for the end of season tourney.

IPGSA COST: $200 a team ($35 is league fees... and $165 is for the End of Season (EOS) Double Elimination tournament)

Additional cost you will need to account for:
Home team provides field, 1 ball and 1 ump. (Sell snacks if possible at home games... you will cover the ump).
To keep field cost minimal... Many teams drop one practice every other week.
Ump Cost: $35-$40 a game.
You can schedule your games as Double Headers and split ump cost or play Single Games.
Some teams will play 4 games on an open Saturday/Sunday during the season.
There are many options on what your schedule can look like, it's all up you.
Depending on the teams; we can form the divisions North & South for easy travel... or Gold & Silver for best games.
The coaches will decide at the meeting (majority rules)... rule changes, schedules and EOS Tourney Dates.

TOTAL COST: $400ish... But, you play 15-25 games with league and tourney. (Tourneys would cost $1,000+)

There is no limit to.... when you practice, how much you practice, how many tourneys you are in... no limits pretty much for everything, except for having quality games, improving skills, team bonding and having fun!

Need a great fundraiser? Sell ads for the IPGSA Program Book and keep ¾ of what you sell…. IPGSA gets ¼.

Who plays IPGSA in the Comp TU Tourney, Summer and Fall Ball? See Below….


Rules: All age groups please follow (USSSA Fast Pitch Playing Rules) with the following exceptions:

    1) Single games, 90 minutes; double Headers with same team, 75 minutes. 
    2) No new inning will start after 1 hour and 30 minutes
    3) 10 run rule after 5 innings
    4) Home team will provide one new and one good condition game ball
    5) Run limit per inning: 10u, 12u & 14u - 6 runs, 16u - no limit
    6) Must bat entire line-up
    7) Free substitution at all positions
    8) Competitive players cannot be picked up by recreational teams
    9) Using pick up players or "sharing" players is allowed if a team is short players, pick up players can pitch
   10) Infield fly is used
   11) Enforcement of the USSSA stamp on bats
   12) No automatic out
IPGSA Does NOT Limit:
  • limit when a team can start practicing
  • limit how many times a team can practice
  • limit how many tournaments a team can enter


Schedules and Standings

All schedules are done by the Coaches in February.
For more info, please contact Melisa at

Please contact the head coach of the opposing team if there are any questions as to when and where a game will be played.
If a game is cancelled due to weather or school functions, the coaches are encouraged to rescheduled the cancelled game. If a game can't be made up, it will be taken into consideration for seeding the End-of-Season Tourney.

Schedules are also available in the IPGSA program book.

Standings are updated periodically. Note that standings reflect reported games only.
Please remember to report the scores to the scores and standings person for your division within 72 hours!

Schedules and Standings

Report Schedule Changes or Scores (Select subject: Comp league schedules and scores)

Tryout Information and Team Openings

Additional info can be found in the postings at the Colorado Fastpitch Web site.

Colorado Stars 10u Workman

Looking for players.
Contact Bri Bartok if you have any questions or to set up a private tryout.
A second year 10u team playing in 8-10 tournaments in 2018.
We will be practicing in the northern front range area in winter, spring and summer. 

Head coach: Bri Bartok (Workman) or 720-320-4703

North Thornton Freeze 12u

Looking for players to round out our Spring roster.
If you are interested please reach out to 
Tammy Bowie at or 303-945-9544.

TRPR Elite

Looking for more players. Click here for information.